Hunting Wildlife

Hunting Wildlife Project

Hunting Wildlife

You can’t always start your own project. Sometimes you are needed by others. That is exactly what happened here. “Hunting Wildlife” is a international project for a hunting / fishing / safari and touring company.

A friend of mine came unexpected to me and asked, can you help me? I was surprised and honored at the same time!

The most self involved web projects were something exclusive like W4F or for the communities syRed, MetalCrew and so on. Some smaller thing here and there, but that was something special once again.

The basic construct was already created on the PHP Framework Laravel and the Booking Core system. A solid base for a quick start. It’s designed for Travel Websites, Marketplaces, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and more cases with over 6 years experience in this sections.

So i had not much to do with complex code flow. The UI was given. My mission were the final touches for the Hunting Wildlife design components, the basic implementation for some german language texts and consulting for the registration process.

I seem to have forgotten nothing about CSS, responsive designs and mobile optimization… Haha

Hope i could help you Isa – Wish you much success for the further project history. You owe me a favor 😛

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