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Sky Of Blood

This corona situation got not only bad sides.. Many good sides, too! I started at the ending of march the collaboration with Mike Murena. Now after some fading time, i got something new from the music video factory: A collaboration with Fear The Fear in the song Sky Of Blood.

Michaela is the name of the artist behind the Fear The Fear project. She’s the producer and the lead musician. Beside the passionate guitar arts, she also sang herself. But for Sky of Blood a new direction was taken. She wrote the inital lyrics, but found out early that it can’t be sung in person.

So the original plan to make a music video got expanded for myself. I’m responsible for the music video production as well as the vocal part. Some proposed amendments to the lyrics were given and jointly revised.

It was a really awesome day in the studio of Michaela. Got a nice Shure SM 7B studio microphone which captured myself very good. Several tracks in different ways were sung. Thanks to the great logic skills and sens of hearing of Michaela – We picked the best ones and cut most of everything in a single work day out of it. That was part one.

Now we will start with the movie! The song Sky Of Blood is about the revolution of the little peoples against the elite. The first idea was to show a larger group of peoples in one collusion. But it was quickly recognized that this would be too costly for the time being. So we decided to mix green screen and live captures from a spooky location. Hell Yeah! Found a really cool one – That was an adventure to a really secret place which offers oppressive atmosphere!

After the Indiana Jones part was done, we started with the green screen session. And i must say: WHAT AN TWIST! Nothing spooky remained, think we laughed the whole recording day. Very very pleasant working person! Teamwork from outer space! See by yourself:

So after some fun – it’s time to checkout the final music video! \m/

Video with Fear The Fear

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