Wire4Fire W4F Logo Project


Wire4Fire is your inbox of a slightly different kind!

Besides the renunciation of user data evaluation, of course there will be no advertising. Additionally, this is an exclusive area reserved for selected users.

Everything is based on the Domain w4f.de, which is short and plays something with WTF?!

Technically everything was implemented with a compound of the Postfix mail server and Dovecot as Mail Delivery Agent. So mails can be send and viewed by the clients via POP3 and IMAP.

A web interface would be useful, too. So i decided to install Roundcube, because it’s free, open source, powerful and easy to configure.

If you want to have a nice premium post address than please contact Rammrocker.

The Founder and head of www.rammrocker.de. Always ready for something fun and new. Professional developer, interested in media design and musician. Fully grown up with computer technology and huge Heavy Metal fan!